Social Media

This will be relatively short post. I am still working on which parts will be included in the catalogue for the kickstarter launch. To help me promote the kickstarter once it is ready, I decided to review my social media strategy. First, I created a Facebook page for Reality Check Studio along with a Twitter account. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Twitter so this might be painful for the first few tweets. As for Facebook, I will post all of my blog articles on the studio page and I will share other post that I find interesting and that are realted to miniatures wargaming or 3D printingé I will continue posting some of my articles on the others Facebook groups that I’m member of, but not all of them as I don’t want to spam them with everything that I write. I will also change my post layout on Facebook for the most important articles that I write so that it looks more professional. All of these small changes should contribute to the success of my kickstarter campaign.

So if you want to take a look at the Facebook page, here is the link:

As for twitter, you can reach me @rcheckstudio (but like I said, don’t expect much on this for now)


Survey Analysis

Today, we take a look at the survey that so many of you filled out during the holidays. This survey will be useful to guide the projection to completion. The survey had 4 different questions and I needed to gather 100 answers for a good sampling. I received a few more but can’t have access to them. Therefore if some of you answered something in the other section of question 1 and 4 and you don’t see it, please send it to me and I’ll take it into consideration.

It wasn’t very hard to come up with different ideas for bits and parts to base your miniatures. The problem actually lied into deciding which ones to keep for the original bits and parts catalogue and which ones to leave for future releases, and also how to offer them. So that you know where the project is headed, I will analyse each questions for you and provide you with the results. Please note that these are preliminary results and things can always change throughout the project.

Question #1



The first question is a very simple one. It is also the most important as it allows me to assess what the community is looking for in terms of bits and parts to base their miniatures. Also, I had so many ideas about the bits and parts I wanted to create and this question helped me decide which ones I would do first. I must admit that I was surprised with the popularity of some of the answers, especially the floor tiles category and the rocks and boulders category. Since I’m planning a 50 different bits and parts catalogue at launch, I decided to keep the first 5 most popular answers and work on those. This should give me about 10 bits and parts per category. However I really like the broken weapons category as well and if I run short of 10 ideas for one category, I might add a few of those bits as well. If you were interested in other parts, you might still see them when the project is completed if the Kickstarter is particularly successful because they will available as stretch goal. The suggestions some of you provided in the Other category are also very interesting:

-Ice blocks, dead robots (I suspect a Warmachine player here, probably Khador :p)

-Gears, springs, clockwork parts


-Books, candles, cables, steam punk theme items

-Frozen lands

It seems that steam punk items are very popular and I will keep them in mind for stretch goals on the Kickstarter. I like also the mushrooms ideas and since the Vegetation category was the 4th most popular, I might add this idea to it. Finally Ice blocks/frozen lands belong in floor tiles and rocks and boulders category respectively but I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to include them at the moment.

I’d like to add a side note here. I didn’t include too many urban/sci-fi elements in the categories as well. This was intentional. Since I’m planning a small catalogue at first, I didn’t want to get clog with too many options. However, I’m planning to add bits and parts for these 2 thematic as well in the future.

Question #2


The second question was about helping me decide the price of the individual bit or part. It is important to note that this will not be the final price since all parts will be available in kits(see question 4 for more details). I’m quite satisfied with the results on this question because more than 60% of those who answered would be ready to pay between 1$ and 5.00$ each bit or part. Still, I’m looking into an alternative for those who wish to pay less, but I can’t say much about it until I run some tests with the 3D print options. More on this later. Finally, a friend said to me that the amount provided was too generic. For example, He would expect to pay far more for barrel than for a skull. I must admit that I agree with him on this level and some parts will cost more than others. I actually based my prices for this question on skull/body item size. Again, all of this will be defined as the project progress.

Question #3


This is another question for which I was surprised by the answers. It is true that 3D printing is no longer an obscure technology and that it is becoming more and more popular every day. However there is only a small percentage of people who currently own a 3D printer, hence my surprise of having more than 55% of the respondent answering yes to this question. Let’s face it, 3D printing is becoming a thing and eventually, I suspect it will be as common as a regular printer. Until then, if I can provide the 3D models so that people can print their parts over and over again, I will gladly do so. Actually, I think this could be a very neat option for local gaming stores as they wouldn’t need to keep an inventory of all parts that could be sold and just have a 3D printer and 3D print what the customer wants. Of course the 3D model will always cost more than the single part because once you have it, all you need to pay is your material for each piece. I will probably include 3d models in the kickstarter but I haven’t decided yet what will be the price for these files.

Question #4


The last question is the one that is the most difficult to analyse because the most popular answer was All of these answers, but it wasn’t a majority of the respondent who answered it, at only 36.36%. On top of that, the other answers were pretty good as well:

-Option for 5 or 10

-Set price for a few, price decrease with volume

-Pick and choose from previous canceled orders

-Mix and match

-Unit kit

-Set of the same bit or part

In the end, it will all depend of the piece I guess. Some will be available in set of 5, 10 or 20. Others will have the option of 5, 10 or 20, and there will be kits as well. Once I have the actual bits and parts defined, I’ll be able to provide you with a better picture of how the sets and kits will work.

That’s it for the survey. If you have any questions or comments about it, please let me know. In the next few weeks, I’ll start deciding which parts I want to create for the catalogue, based on the categories you have chosen and I’ll start making some tests with the 3D printing. I will keep you updated with the results as I get them.

The survey is completed, let’s start the project.

Thank you everyone who answered the survey. Your answers are greatly appreciated. Before I go own with the project, let me say a few things about myself. My name is Jean-Nicolas Raymond and I’m from Canada. I live in a suburb of Montreal. English is my second my language. Therefore I might do a few syntax error when writing blog post. Don’t be shy to correct me on those as I would like to become better at writing English. As for my experience in tabletop wargaming, I have been playing wargames for almost 16 years already. I started with Warzone but eventually moved to less obscure games including Warhammer(both 40k and Fantasy), Confrontation, Flames of War, Infinity and Warmachine Hordes. While I consider myself an ok painter, I always had a fascination for basing my miniatures, always trying to find new ideas for my base to look cooler. In Flames of War, I actually went as far as sculpting Stalingrad ruins for my Soviets troopers bases. This leads me to the original intent of this project.

As you’ve already seen with the survey, this project is about bits and parts intended as basing material for your miniatures. In the next few months, I will use this blog to show you the progress on this project. Once everything is ready, I will launch a kickstarter campaign to fund the bits and parts catalogue. My plan is to have a total of 50 different pieces to start with, although this can grow very quickly once the catalogue is funded. I’m going with a small catalogue as this require a smaller investment amount from the backers and it is easy to add to the catalogue. I want to use 3D printing for these parts because the technology is becoming better and more available to everyone. While you’ll be able to order the bits and parts without having to 3D print them yourselves, those who have access to a 3D printer will be able to order the 3D model to print it themselves. Of course prices will not be the same for a bit and for a model but we aren’t there yet in the project. Since I’m not a 3D artist, I have recruited others who will model the pieces as I want them to be highest quality possible. The whole catalogue will be shown as sketches so you know exactly what you will be buying into but I’ll already have a few models ready so that you know exactly what the piece looks like. This will allow me as well to test the 3D printing process before launching the kickstarter campaign, again making sure you have the highest quality available for your bits and parts. During every steps of the projects, please feel free to ask question or provide advices and comments. I will read and consider each of them.

Finally, please note that this is currently a side project for me. Of course I would love it if this project would allow me to leave my job and become self employed but that’s somewhere in the future. Until then, I have 40 hours a week job combined with a small children and 2 classes per semester at university. On top of that, I need to have 3 list painted of my Trollblood forces for a tournament in May(ok this one is not as important :p). Therefore, don’t expect posts from me everyday. I’ll plan to have something once or twice a week until the kickstarter kicks in. Then, all hell break loose.

Next post, I will analyse the results of the survey so you know what you can expect.

Thank you all again for your help in this.